Key Employee And Executive Benefits

Every business has them. The men and women that are responsible for developing, managing and promotions. These key individuals are crucial to ongoing success, growth, and development.

It is critical for any business that wishes to have long term viability to understand the need to have contingency plans should key personnel be lost. Some may refer to such as a "Hit By A Bus" plan. In other words, what will happen to the business should this key individual be hit by a bus or other sudden end to their employment take place?

Whether hit by a bus or recruited merely by another company it is essential for a business to have a written protocol on how to move forward. As part of this written plan, a company should highly consider adding what is known as "Key Man Life And Disability Insurance." Such a plan will help a company make an easier transition should something unexpected happen.

The time to act is now. No one knows when the unexpected will happen. When it does your company needs to be prepared. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help ensure you are ready for such occasions and that the transition process will go as smoothly as possible. Key Employee & Executive Benefits

Key Emplolyee & Executive Benefits

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+ Disability Insurance

+ Business Interruption Insurance

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