Voluntary Benefits

Most of us know the feeling. Working at a job, depending on the provided health package and knowing it has gaps that may be detrimental to the wellbeing of ourselves and/or family members. Fortunately, many employers are adding supplemental benefit opportunities to help fill these gaps at a cost-effective rate for all involved.

As with all business, cost control is a critical factor in managing the finances of a business. Often times the costs associated with a healthcare package make it prohibitive for a company to add supplemental benefits to their standard health care options. Because the situations and events such supplemental insurance covers are outliers in terms of use it simply does not make sense for many businesses to offer such coverage as a standard.

As a growing trend businesses are often times now offering a set of supplemental coverage options that employees can sign up for based on their own perceived needs. Such plans are intended to offer benefit opportunities to employees through their employers but at no added cost to the business. Because employees have the ability to opt in or out, they are in many cases referred to as voluntary benefits.

Companies that recognize the value of a well-developed benefits program have a competitive advantage over their counterparts not only when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. To learn how you can add a voluntary benefits package to your company offering at no cost to your business use the contact form below, and we will be happy to contact you back with all the details.

Voluntary Benefits

+ Cancer

+ Critical Illness

+ Accident

+ Life

+ Disability

+ Hospital Indemnity 'Gap' Plans


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