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Group Benefits

Whether looking to reduce cost, manage compliance or recruit and retain staff, we can help.

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Voluntary Benefits

Are you looking for supplemental benefits to add to your employment package at little to no cost?

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Human Resources

We can assist with your human resource services maintaining the highest level of compliance.

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Key Employee & Executive Benefits

Business owners and key staff often have unique circumstances that dictate added solutions.

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ACA Consulting

Overwhelmed with ACA compliance? Let us help take the guesswork out of the decision process.

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The mere mention of compliance strikes fear into most. Our experts can help eliminate the worry.

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Recruit, Retain, Reward

When considering your employee base, we like to encourage business owners/managers to think about the 3 R's. Recruit, Retain, Reward. All too often the highest emphasis is placed on pay. Many employees, however, are looking for more. While direct compensation is undoubtedly a motivating factor, prospect and current employees consider the whole package when deciding to take or remain in a position within a company. As a business owner/manager are you aware that the benefits you offer can actually be a more cost-effective solution to giving your employees not only what they want but what they need? Let us help you not only build a better employment program but also the bottom line.

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Healthcare News

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Gary and his staff were extremely helpful and patient in working with us to develop the right benefits package for our employees. Without a doubt he has helped us to better recruit and retain emplyees through the most challenging markets.

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